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D850 sempre piu vicina

Claude 11 Ago 2017 16:33
::45.75MP FX sensor
::7 FPS; 6FPS with AF (no grip)
::9FPS, when using the MB-D18a battery grip
::51-image buffer (14-bit raw)
::3.2", 2.36-million-dot rear touchscreen. Improved gestures
::4K video
::ISO 64-25600 (native)
::No low-pass filter
::153 point AF system, with 30% wider coverage than the D810
::0.75x magnification optical viewfinder--largest ever on FX
::all AF points AF in -3EV; center point -4
::Auto-focus-bracket mode--the camera can take up to 300 pictures, varying
focus between from close-infinity. User can choose 10 levels of focus
steps. Roughly 5 FPS, can be software stacked.
::Fully-silent electronic shutter mode in live view. No mechanical
movement. Can also shoot up to 30FPS for an 8MP image using the electronic
::Very precise, small AF points. Display is 1/2 the size now
::Variable sized raw: small, medium, large
::Auto-Scene modes & improved white balance
::SD + XQD
::Supports wireless trigger WT-7

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